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Helping Johnson County's Older Adults




"I really can't tell you how much your work, and the work of others you employ, has meant to us over the past couple of weeks; I really can't. Thanks for the quick, personal, professional quality with which you've handled my requests."  Overland Park, KS


"I am pleased with your work. Your company is the answer to my prayers. Thank you!"  Stilwell, KS


"We were very pleased with the professionalism and the way the job was handled. The man was very nice and polite. Thank you!"  Westwood, KS


"HELP FROM A FRIEND is FANTASTIC. I am totally hooked and now am ready to have you do all kinds of things at my home. Thank you so so much for all that you do to help folks like me!"  Olathe, KS


"I like the work of HELP FROM A FRIEND because I know that I'll get the job completed, and at a cost that's very reasonable. When I consider how long it would take me to do the work myself, and how many times I'd have to do it over before I got it right, I'd be too frustrated. I usually don't have the right tools, much less know how to use them effectively."  Edgerton, KS


"I trust HELP FROM A FRIEND to do good job at a reasonable price. I don't have to worry about getting ripped off."  Shawnee, KS


"I'm not worried that someone is going to take advantage of me. I trust HELP FROM A FRIEND to do good work for a good price."  Lenexa, KS


"There are a lot of jobs around the house that I just can't do anymore because of my age. HELP FROM A FRIEND takes care of my needs at reasonable rates."  Mission Hills, KS


"You are so wonderful. I love your company and how you help all of us "Repair Challenged" homeowners. You and your company are 'an answer to prayer'. Thank you a million times over!"  Fairway, KS


"It's such a crapshoot trying to find reliable help. HELP FROM A FRIEND does great work at reasonable prices. I'm very satisfied with the work and the cost."  Leawood, KS


"I would definitely recommend HELP FROM A FRIEND. I was comfortable with their people and very pleased with the work and their rates."  Roeland Park, KS


"My 'to do list' was long. I was impressed how quickly things were done. The cost was very reasonable. HELP FROM A FRIEND has my vote."  Prairie Village, KS


"Because of health reasons I can't do work in my yard any longer. HELP FROM A FRIEND took over the routine jobs at a cost that pleased me."  Mission, KS


"One of the well know service companies in town wanted to charge me over three times what I ended up paying HELP FROM A FRIEND to do the job. It's unreal what some companies try to get away with. It's hard to find a company to trust. You've got my business. Thank you."  Gardner, KS


"You are fantastic and an answer to prayer."  Merriam, KS


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